About Us

The Field Office, a home house, a glorious barn, a sacred dwelling, an un-sanctimonious poet sanctuary, full with some of the most generous and heart-rendering  poets of our day.” 

— Nikky Finney

The Field Office is a literary speaking agency. As we build conversation between Poets and their Readers, we build community. Our work is with a human hand.

Poetry is language that lifts our shared humanity. On the page and at the podium, we strive to offer our Readers a connection that lasts.  

If you would like to start a conversation with a Field Office poet, be in touch. Our goal is to collaborate with you. Our staff brings to the table an expertise in new media and traditional marketing, event planning, and literary citizenry, but we work the old way—with attention.

Learn more about The Field Office in the Letters from the Founder.

The Field Office


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